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A Message From Friends Of The Feral Cats

According to Spay USA, " If two cats and their offspring remain unaltered, and produce two litters a year with only three kittens surviving, the total numbers in five years is twelve thousand, and in nine years eleven million".




 While the idea of a free kitten sounds ideal to some, the reality is much more grim. Only 1 in 5 free kittens ever make it to the vet for proper care. These kittens grow into cats that  reproduce more kittens.Many of these kittens are abandoned and end up in the wild, fending for themselves. If they are lucky they join a colony for survival and continue to add to the feral cat population. If you see a sign or advertisement for free kittens, please contact your local shelter or Friends of the Feral Cats.

    Do You Have A Stray Cat Hanging  Around Your House

Or Are You Aware Of A Cat Left 


An abandoned cat quickly learns from a feral  cat that humans cannot be trusted, BE AWARE OF NEW STRAY CATS THAT FIND ITS WAY INTO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. The quicker a domestic cat is captured the easier it is to get it re-homed to a forever home. We can help, please call or email us.